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Just a few samples of fish caught (NOT lost)
using Wolverine Tackle's Super Split Rings

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World record "Live Release" holder! - 60 lbs, 62 1/2"

Caught by Bill Craig using a Fudally Hog Spinner bait, Black skirt with red blades and, Wolverine Super Rings

IGFA all
tackle world record caught by
Bill Toth. Nile perch 230lb.
The IGFA allowed
230 pounds but in fact this fish could have been bigger
because the limit of the scales used to weigh this fish
was 230 pounds and the needle went off the scales.

caught on a Depth Raider with Wolverine Tackle split rings and Owners 4x stinger treble hooks

Gary Thomas with a nice catch on Lake Nasser April 2006

Another from Lake Nasser

A nice Trevally caught on a unique ceramic Mark White Lure - www.markwhitelures.com

A #7 Stainless Steel Super Ring up close

An Omilu on a Mark White Lure - www.markwhitelures.com

Ben Modica - Prostaff member and guide. 45", Fox Chain on a Lungen Tail www.muskyfix.com

Steven Van Bussman - Prostaff member and guide. www.promuskie.com

Email us a photo of a catch you made, using Wolverine Super Split Rings and if we put it on our web site we'll send you a free pack of Super Rings!

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